Free Clash of Clans Account Giveaway

Welcome to Crackcreativos the only legit website that provides the best free clash of clash account, so by definition every giveaway, it’s free you will get your free COC accounts without to pay anything. We already gave away more than 10000 in the beta stage of this website I think many of you remember the beta stage because of the lack of the function of the website, and the design was awful also but we are back with a new design and a new system that will work day and night, 24/24 hours . Because the beta was so popular we decided to relaunch the website and to make a unique system that will allow you to get a clash of clans account for free.

Most important things about Crackcreativos: We Focus on Quality not on Quantity

Remember what I said above because most of this kind of giveaway always focus on quantity and the quality it’s very low because you can’t generate thousand of free COC accounts and all of them to have some gold and a good level, what’s why we try to change the system and to implement something new.

Why do we care about this website? Because we really care about the players of Clash of Clans, I know that you don’t belive me, but iI will prove you that we want to help you and the other’s players to get a good start if you are a newbie at COC.You will not get a very big advantage but this it’s what we can do for you.The database it’s updated every day: We don’t update the database manually we working on these account for more then 1 month per account , and after that we listing here all the clash of clans account accounts for free.Bellow you will find the free account , and these will be updated weekly.

Our free clash of clans account email and password giveaway:

  1.;password:ifanisfani .LVL 42, 75530 Gems, 502088 Gold
  2.;password:michelinii11. LVL 62, 85341 Gems, 901427 Gold
  3.;password:finiscuta1991 LVL 36, 3481 Gems, 25782 Gold
  4.;password:zoltanbozgor LVL 20,2100 Gems,18780 Gold

And many more acc with the password included like I told you before. So don’t wait anymore and grab now one acc, we also giveaway two times per day some gold ones with LVL minim 60 if you are lucky you can get one. We made some statistics and the average level of the profile are 38 I think it’s very good for a thing  that you will be received for free.

Chapter 1. Sneak peak of some COC accounts

These COC profile are very useful for example if you are a newbie, and you don’t want to start from zero you can get one from Crackcreativos and start using it, and you don’t want to start from the beginning, one of my personal profile was hacked by somebody I think because it was used a public Wifi, and I lost an profile

that has more than 1 million Gold and Lvl 80 so don’t use public wifi when you are playing Clash of Clans because you may get hacked so our free clash of clans account it’s the best choice for you.Another bad experince was to follow  the guide to make two accounts from one device ,after some short time both was banned. We love to give free coc profile that’s why I made this website, and I worked my ass so hard to make it perfect so please if you can and if you want, share my website on Facebook because I want everybody to see my website and get a coc account with password and email.